Questões da prova URCA 2015/1

Selecionamos as questões mais relevantes da prova de vestibular URCA 2015/1. Confira!
* Obs.: a ordem e número das questões aqui não são iguais às da prova original.

Questão 121:

After reading the text, one can conclude that:

Questão 122:

The text mentions some good benefits of doing physical activities regularly. Among the alternatives below, check a good benefit that is not mentioned in the text.

Questão 123:

Check the alternative which brings the word like (first paragraph) being used with the same function as in the first paragraph of the text.

Questão 124:

The clause When it comes to weight management means (second paragraph):

Questão 125:

The verb achieve (second paragraph) may be appropriately substituted for:

Questão 126:

The subject of the sentence You will need a high amount of physical activity… (forth paragraph) refers to:

Questão 127:

The word further (fifth paragraph) is the opposite of:

Questão 128:

According to the text, people who have arthritis:

Questão 129:

The word age ( third paragraph) may be replaced by:

Questão 130:

Muscle-strengthening activities help old people:

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